Friday, July 11, 2008

During Zemecha in Metekel, Gublak


Selam Abebe and all,

I am glad that you intend to hand over the legacy of Prof. Dr. Berhanu. I think this is one of the best ways to preserve our cultural, historical, academic and other treasures. As Prof. Berhanu has been a good friend of emeritus Prof. Mekonnen Argaw, Paris, contacting him seems to me essential as that would mean access to a wide range of information on Prof Berhanu and his works.

Even if I do not know Prof. Berhanu very well I still have a fresh memory of him being sympathetic toward student during the zemecha in Metekel, Gublak. The students composes a rhyming phrase on many of them based on their role in siding the students or the political cadres. Docter berhanu yelubetim kemnum kemnum as he was not involved in making our life either worse or in lobbying as if we were in good shapte there, while a number of the others got really very negative evaluations.


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