Monday, July 7, 2008

My simple memories of Dr. Berhanu Abebe

I am related to Dr. Berhanou, he is a nephew of W/ro Tenegne Dibachew, my mother, her father Dibatchew Zewge is the uncle for Dr. Berhanou. I have known my uncle since I was a child. I was told that I looked like him, and growing up I was so proud to carry his given name. I was also told that I looked like his father Abebe Gedil. Passing is a fact of life and I know he soul is resting in peace, because he has done what he thought right. So far I have not heard any complaints. But for the family members, we lost the bridge between our past and the present. Every thing that transpired in our past families from Wagshums to Tayech, and to Dibachew and all the way to myself. That bridge is broken. He knew what Ethiopia meant and what it stood for., from mythology to its current figure. Most importantly the children Dave and Miku, and the beautiful wife he left behind. He lived life to the fullest, no complaints, and no regrets, a full-fledged intellectual life decorated by a powerful Ethiopian citizenship. Lots of people crossed his life, from the panhandlers in front of his house to the ministers and presidents of the world, most importantly his students. But he is only human and he had to go. Those of us who living, and those of us who are touched by his life, or simply by his warm God's greeting, and particularly those students his, I call upon you to keep his work alive. As the second elder son of the family on the side of Abebe Gedil I am asking family members, admirers, friends and colleagues to establish the Dr. Berhanu Abebe Family and Friends Foundation for Ethiopian History and Records. The foundation will work closely with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture, higher education institutions and K12 schools to promote history education and research. Among other things the foundation will support projects aimed at developing a detailed category of his collections and works, as well as provide a prestigious scholarship to students of history. This foundation will work tirelessly to establish the Berhanou Abebe Institute of Ethiopian History to be housed in Addis Ababa University, in Ethiopia. Please join us in developing the concepts. Dr. Berhanou Abebe is blessed with large families. Each member has great stories to tell. We will use this blog to document the oral and documented works of Dr. Berhanu Abebe

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